Live music can make your wedding much more personal and unique.

Request your special love songs so Sonja can play them during your wedding ceremony, reception and/or party.

Options are endless, add a drummer, guitarist or an entire band if you please.

Scroll down for some reviews from happy couples who invited Sonja to perform at their wedding.

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lovely addition to the best day of your life, click here.

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Sonja's favourite love songs <3


Mrs. de Geus

Sonja sang and played piano at our wedding. We wanted her to play three songs during our ceremony but we could actually not think of a third song ourselves. Sonja gave us a list of beautiful songs and there it was... a song we hadn't even thought of but both loved. 

The ceremony was so special.
Sonja 's performance was wonderful. She sang and played beautifully and it made everything so much more special.  

Also because it was live the song endings and beginnings were perfectly timed. 

Sonja is a professional and very talented.
I would recommend her to anyone.

Thank you Sonja!

Mrs. Kanters

Sonja performed together with a guitarist at our wedding ceremony.  She sang beautifully and blended in perfectly. 

The day before the wedding she was present for the rehearsal, her music touched me so deeply that we had to start the rehearsal all over again.
Our guests were delighted and so impressed by Sonja's performance that she was invited to perform at our friend's wedding as well.


Having live music by Sonja at our ceremony made it so much more special for me and my husband. we will never forget it.